Polished, semi-polished and industrial floors in Mallorca

At Mayrata we are specialists in polished floors and industrial floors.

Polished concrete is one of the most used pavements in construction. It is the ideal solution for flooring in parking lots, industrial warehouses, gas stations, etc. Polished flooring has also become a strong trend in recent years for commercial premises and homes, due to its resistance and easy maintenance.

To carry out polished concrete works, specific machinery is required, thus obtaining the best results. At Mayrata we are specialized in carrying out polished and semi-polished concrete works, our extensive experience supports us.

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One of the advantages of polished concrete is that it can be adapted using different finishes. At Mayrata we offer the following finishes for this type of flooring:

  • Polished / Floated
  • Semi-polished
  • Scratched / Brushed
  • Ruled

This type of flooring is an excellent solution for exteriors, being highly resistant to rain and sun, as well as other climatic agents, but polished concrete flooring is also an alternative widely used as indoor flooring in Mallorca. Its great adaptability, as well as a high level of resistance, allows us to offer a wide variety of possibilities to our clients.

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Advantages of polished concrete

Among the main advantages provided by the realization of polished concrete floors for both exterior and interior, we can highlight the following:

  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It is a highly durable pavement.
  • It offers great versatility.
  • It is the ideal support for any subsequent coating, whether for tiling, laying parquet, microcement.

With polished and vitrified treatments it is possible to achieve:

  • Reduce the absorption of liquids.
  • Give luminosity and increase the brightness of the floor.
  • Obtain a finish similar to continuous terrazzo.

A long-lasting pavement

Among the advantages of polished concrete, we highlighted its durability and resistance. This, together with its easy maintenance, make it a perfect pavement that will resist for a long time. Its useful life is very long compared to other floors, which makes polished concrete a choice to consider in areas that can suffer a lot of wear, such as parking lots or areas of industrial use.

In addition, the strength of concrete itself, combined with the formation of the tread layer by adding cement and selected aggregates (quartz, corundum ...) makes it ideal as a surface to support heavy loads, all the more reason why it is the main choice for the realization of floors of warehouses or industrial buildings that require a floor of great resistance.

If you want to carry out polished flooring work in Mallorca, do not hesitate to contact us.

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